1. Promo art for my comic.

  2. Hi, everyone! My 2013-2014 sketchbook is now available at my newly opened Gumroad Shop

    More sketchbook and comics will be added to the shop soon!

    Spread the word! Thanks everyone!

    - K


  3. K.L. Ricks


    1. What do you think is the difference between art and illustration?
    - Illustration is a part of art, I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive. Trying to separate them isn’t helpful.
    2.  If you could draw something all day without stopping, what would it be?
    - I love doing studies from ballet and dance recordings. The Royal Ballet has a rehearsal video on YouTube that’s really great, I also love the Pina Bausch documentary.
     3. What do you do to get into a work flow?
    - I try to get things like emails and errands out of the way early in the day so I can work relatively uninterrupted. Keeping my workspace clutter-free makes me more eager to get to it. 
    4.  How do you finish a project? Or what does it take to go from doodled idea to completed illustration/sequence?
    - I make lots of thumbnails, either on computer paper or in a sketchbook, pages of them, trying out different concepts or compositions until I get what I want. Ideas don’t always come quickly so if I can, I’ll take a break for a few hours, or a day or two, so I can come back to the project fresh. Once I have the concept down I redraw it on bristol board, ink it, and then clean it up and color it in Photoshop.
    5. How do you get yourself to make your best work?
    - I tell myself to relax and be bold with my mark making and concepts. Fear and indecisiveness reads in work, but so will confidence.
    6. What is the relationship between text and image in your work? 
    - I make a lot of comics and I love trying to juxtapose the images with text for the most impact. For me, it’s a large part of getting a comic to work, and it’s incredibly satisfying when it clicks.
     7. What does your creative genius look like? 
    8. What is the mantra you use that keeps you going when work isnt going well?
    - “The next project will be better.”

    I was invited by aniaasks8questions to be interviewed. It was a really great experience, thanks very much, Ania!

    Also thank you to rebekkadunlap for recommending me!

  5. wedrawcuteboys:

    Debbie Harry, lead singer-songwriter of Blondie. A pioneer, inspiration, forever and always defying conventions of femininity.

    - K. L. 

  6. wedrawcuteboys:

    Nick Cave. Singer-songwriter, band leader, composer, writer, performance artist, plus actor. He’s most famous for his extremely dark and violent work, but to me he’s a great example of someone who’s not afraid of being seen as vulnerable

    Color scheme definitely inspired by the extraordinary This One Summer.

    K. L. 

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  9. Pin-up

  10. wedrawcuteboys:

    Endeavour / Morse / Lewis

    I love mystery and detective shows to death and these are three of my favorites. Masterful storytelling, acting, and writing.

    Also a love letter to Masterpiece: Mystery! and Elvis Costello.

    - K. L.